Challenging Destiny is now $2.99!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.20.36 PM

I know I missed Challenging Destiny’s monthiversary. I know this would have deserved a blog post and a proper Social Media celebration but let’s say that I like changing traditions and that’s why I decided to celebrate the monthandaweekiversary of CD!

For this occasion, Challenging Destiny is now $2.99 ( 2.99€ and £1.99 for our European friends) for a limited time.

Wow, one month and a week already… What happened since I clicked “Publish”? Well, I have received very constructive reviews and I hope they will keep coming. I can’t believe people are reading my words and enjoying their experience. It is really rewarding and I have discovered a new side to my writing experience I hadn’t considered until now.

So what’s next for Challenging Destiny? Well, I hope more review and a nice journey for my dear book… I am also working on having it published on Createspace for the printed version and on the other ebook publishing platforms.

So bear with me, I will soon have found my way to every bookshelves!