The Other Truth is live on Amazon!

The wait is over! The Other Truth is finally available on Amazon! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am right now!
I had the idea for The Other Truth while I was still writing Challenging Destiny and I instantly knew that writing this story would be an amazing adventure and it definitely was! I love every minute I spent creating and writing this story. I really had a blast and I can’t wait for you to read it!

You can now grab your ebook copy on:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon FR
Amazon AU

Happy Reading!

The Other Truth – Save The Date


Big News! My second novel, The Other Truth, will hit your digital bookshelves on November 14th!

I’m really excited about this upcoming release. Writing this book was an amazing adventure and I once again fell head over heels in love with the story and the characters.  This book was the escape I needed and I hope you will enjoy spending time with Jake and the whole crew as much as I enjoyed imagining them!

Curious? Here are the synopsis and cover for The Other Truth:
As an award-winning investigative journalist, Jake tot-final-coverKavinsky is used to cracking mysteries and finding the truth. So when a mysterious envelope with a criminal investigation report (and let’s be honest, the picture of a stunning woman) ends up in his hands, he is definitely intrigued.

Someone seems to think Jake should be looking into that old case. But why? Why him? And why can’t he shake the weird feeling he gets every time he looks at her picture or reads the case? Something doesn’t seem right and Jake is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Not knowing he is about to embark on a journey of investigation, self-discovery and love, Jake will soon learn that the truth is not always so obvious…

You can pre-order The Other Truth here and add it to Goodreads here.

Mark your calendar and let’s the countdown begin because I’m once again on my way to the bookshelf!

A Long Awaited Update…

Let's Catch up (1)

Ok, let’s be honest, I’m really bad at that blogging thing… There is no way to sugar-coat it, it’s true as I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted a thing on this blog in the last 8 months…

So, friends, I think it’s fair to say it’s time to catch up!

A lot has happened in the last few months but the biggest thing was that I wrote my second book!!! I’m so excited about it and I can’t wait for you to read it! I had such a blast creating and writing this story and as with Challenging Destiny, those new characters made me fall in love with them page after page. I can’t tell you much for now, all I can say is that the story is very different from Challenging Destiny.
I was going to stop here and not say anything else but I’m feeling like sharing today so I’m going to share with you the title (I’ve neglected you lately so it’s only fair that you are the first to know! 🙂 ). My upcoming novel will be called The Other Truth.
I’m currently editing the book and working with my beta readers but I’ll share more information about The Other Truth really soon so bear with me! 🙂

The other news is for iPad and Nook lovers as Challenging Destiny is now available on iBooks and Barnes and Noble. Here are the links:
Barnes and Noble

Voila, voila dear friends, that will be all for today but stay tuned to learn more about The Other Truth!

Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016!


Happy New Year! May 2016 be the year all your dreams become true!

I also want to use this post to celebrate the first anniversary of Challenging Destiny! A year ago, on December 23rd, I shared with you the story that changed my life and made me become a writer. I will never forget the time I spent writing this story, discovering a side of myself I didn’t really know, developing characters that surprised me every day. I had a blast and even if self-publishing Challenging Destiny was at the same time scary and thrilling, I am happy I did it. I really enjoyed talking with readers and hearing their insights on my book. I loved when they got it, I learned when they didn’t.
As Challenging Destiny was my first book, everything was new to me, from promoting it (I still need to work on that…) to having people talk about my work (don’t forget to leave a review if you’ve read CD! ;)), it was challenging sometimes and I often feel I could have done more but I am still learning and will keep doing better.
Once again Happy New Year and if you want to nurse your hangover with a book, Challenging Destiny is still free on Kindle Unlimited and $2.99 otherwise!

I am in love with a city… (it’s crazy but true!)



This month is not just another ordinary month of June for me. June will always be the month I moved to New York City to live my dream.
Who can actually say that she is living her dream? I can’t really answer that question but what I can say is that I am living my dream or at least one of my dreams!

As long as I can remember I have dreamed of living in NYC, to take a bite of that fascinating apple. I’ve waited 25 years but finally last year, after a lot of work and stress, I found a job in NYC and I moved on June 1st, 2014. I can still feel the excitement I felt when I arrived at my hotel in Midtown Manhattan on this sunny afternoon.

And the best is that this city has not disappointed me a second. Not even the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced or the perfect chaos that characterized Manhattan have managed to change my mind. On the contrary, everything I’ve experienced since I arrived added charm and personality to this beautiful and amazing city that I am happy to call home.

A lot has happened in the last twelve months and one of the most important thing was publishing Challenging Destiny and making another of my dreams come true. I always thought of this city as the place where everything was possible and that’s why it was the perfect place to start my “self-publishing” journey.

As you may know, I was on vacation the last few days and before leaving the beach and the sunny, beautiful place I was in, I realized I was relieved to go back to NYC rather than somewhere else because I am always happy to be in New York. And even if I really enjoyed my holidays, in the end I was happy to be back and excited for my second summer here.

Voila, all this rambling to wish myself a “Happy First NYC Anniversary!”  Let’s hope it will be the first of many to come!

Well I guess it will be all for today! In case you’ve missed my first Author Interview, I had the pleasure to chat with the lovely Holly at Bookaholic Confessions, go check it out and show her some love!

I am leaving you now but stay tuned for more adventures, I am on my way to my second anniversary…

Long time, no post…

I know, I’ve not been the best at this whole blog thing… But I am working on it and I will try to share more with you!

So what’s new with me?
Well not much. Spring is back in NYC and I’ve finally started working on my next book. I can’t say much but just know that it will be different from Challenging Destiny.

I’ve got new roommates (you’ve probably met my amazing roomie Mel through this video, if not see below for more info!) so it brought some change at home, as if a page was turning and a new one was starting. Well, new season, new adventures!

Challenging Destiny is starting to have some blog coverage with some reviews and features coming up in the next couple of weeks what is really exciting! So stay tuned my friends!
Challenging Destiny was also featured in a Youtube video of Mel Rose (a.k.a my amazing roomie! (see above if you’ve skipped that part)) what was AWESOME and totally made my day when I found out!

Last but not least, I am heading on a well needed vacation, in a place where the sand is warm and the water a beautiful shade of blue. It will be the perfect way to start the summer season and to hopefully add a few chapters to the new book!

Oh, I almost forgot! I am now on Instagram! You can follow me here. (and just in case you are not following me yet, here for Twitter and here for Facebook!) I will try to get better at the whole social media sharing too (at least I will try!))

Voila people, that’s it for today!

Have an amazing long weekend! I know I will, I’m (almost) on my way to the beach!


A book has landed on the bookshelf : Challenging Destiny available in paperback!


There are some moments in life that touch you, mark you, moments you know you will remember. Receiving the first copy of my book was one of them.  As you know I love books, they always had a cherished space in my heart so having between my hands, my book, something I’ve written was quite an out-of-body experience. It was so weird and so great at the same time, it made the whole experience look real.
It made me think about the teenage version of myself, the girl who loved to spend time in bookshops reading book plots, looking at book covers, deciding what would be her next journey and I wondered what she would have thought. I looked at the book in my hand and I thought wow, you did it HK, you made a book, it is real, you have the proof between your hands. I am not trying to be cheesy here, I am just trying to show you how this moment was important to me, how opening the envelop from Createspace had the same taste as opening presents on Christmas morning.

So here it is, it took time but it is finally here, Challenging Destiny is available in print at the following links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And on all other Amazon European websites.

That will be all for today folks! Happy Monday!

There Was A Day and There Was A Night…

I have a big imagination. I always had and I think I always will.

When I was a kid, I was always spending time creating stories in my head to kill time. It was my way to deal with boredom while in the car or on the train. I liked to listen to music and let my imagination create, escape the real world and live extraordinary lives.
It has never been anything else than something to kill time when I was bored and alone.

However, something different happened one night in February 2013. It was a Wednesday, I remember it clearly. At that time, I was living in Madrid where I was finishing my Master’s degree. I was in my bed trying to fall asleep after a long day.
You know how restless you can be when Morpheus is denying you his arms. Well, it is exactly how I was. I had an exam the next day, it was late and I just wanted to sleep.

But you see, when I can’t sleep, I don’t know for you but in my case, I think! Well, normal, you would think but it wasn’t exactly thinking but rather overanalyzing my life… In normal circumstances, it was always making Morpheus run and flee but on this particular day it was even worse. See, this Wednesday in question was none other than February 13th a.k.a Valentine’s Day eve…
Well my friends, I will be honest with you, I was young and at that time, being single on the day we celebrate love was a big deal for me. Even more so that, a few days later, I was going to fly home to celebrate my sister’s new decade! So you see, I was turning in my bed, restless, thinking about all those things: how time was speeding by, how, once more, I wasn’t going to experiment the joy of the V Day, how I was going to take the plane soon… And boom, it happened!

At first nothing abnormal, I was creating a story full of “what if” as I was used to doing but this time it was different. It was different because my brain was running, running from idea to idea. They kept coming, assaulting my mind as never before. This story was not a story to kill time anymore, it was THE story, THE idea I thought I will never have. This story was a book story with a plot and different characters. This thing unrolling in my head had a beginning and an end and the more I was thinking about it the more the framework and the scenes were building.
Slowly, that night, in my bed, I created the story that was going to become later Challenging Destiny. So what do you think I did? Got up and hurry to write everything on a paper? Well no, I just fell asleep! Unbelievable, I know! When I woke up the next morning, everything was still clear in my head and to be honest, as soon I as thought about it, I rushed out of bed and wrote the storyline.

So today, it has been two years since that night and I can’t be more grateful for it. That night has changed a lot of things and has allowed me to discover a part of myself I didn’t really know, a part I knew was there hidden somewhere in me but I had never really experienced: the story writer.

Voila, I know this a long post but I was feeling nostalgic yesterday, watching, outside my window, the New York nightlife, and thinking about the night that has changed a lot for me. I thought it would be nice to share this story with you guys. That’s how I started writing this post but I guess I need to start the next book soon because as you can see I miss sharing my thoughts!

Enjoy the long weekend and the day of hearts, people, and don’t forget you never know what a sleepless night (not necessarily in Seattle…) can bring you!

Challenging Destiny is now $2.99!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.20.36 PM

I know I missed Challenging Destiny’s monthiversary. I know this would have deserved a blog post and a proper Social Media celebration but let’s say that I like changing traditions and that’s why I decided to celebrate the monthandaweekiversary of CD!

For this occasion, Challenging Destiny is now $2.99 ( 2.99€ and £1.99 for our European friends) for a limited time.

Wow, one month and a week already… What happened since I clicked “Publish”? Well, I have received very constructive reviews and I hope they will keep coming. I can’t believe people are reading my words and enjoying their experience. It is really rewarding and I have discovered a new side to my writing experience I hadn’t considered until now.

So what’s next for Challenging Destiny? Well, I hope more review and a nice journey for my dear book… I am also working on having it published on Createspace for the printed version and on the other ebook publishing platforms.

So bear with me, I will soon have found my way to every bookshelves!