The Other Truth – Save The Date


Big News! My second novel, The Other Truth, will hit your digital bookshelves on November 14th!

I’m really excited about this upcoming release. Writing this book was an amazing adventure and I once again fell head over heels in love with the story and the characters.  This book was the escape I needed and I hope you will enjoy spending time with Jake and the whole crew as much as I enjoyed imagining them!

Curious? Here are the synopsis and cover for The Other Truth:
As an award-winning investigative journalist, Jake tot-final-coverKavinsky is used to cracking mysteries and finding the truth. So when a mysterious envelope with a criminal investigation report (and let’s be honest, the picture of a stunning woman) ends up in his hands, he is definitely intrigued.

Someone seems to think Jake should be looking into that old case. But why? Why him? And why can’t he shake the weird feeling he gets every time he looks at her picture or reads the case? Something doesn’t seem right and Jake is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Not knowing he is about to embark on a journey of investigation, self-discovery and love, Jake will soon learn that the truth is not always so obvious…

You can pre-order The Other Truth here and add it to Goodreads here.

Mark your calendar and let’s the countdown begin because I’m once again on my way to the bookshelf!

Long time, no post…

I know, I’ve not been the best at this whole blog thing… But I am working on it and I will try to share more with you!

So what’s new with me?
Well not much. Spring is back in NYC and I’ve finally started working on my next book. I can’t say much but just know that it will be different from Challenging Destiny.

I’ve got new roommates (you’ve probably met my amazing roomie Mel through this video, if not see below for more info!) so it brought some change at home, as if a page was turning and a new one was starting. Well, new season, new adventures!

Challenging Destiny is starting to have some blog coverage with some reviews and features coming up in the next couple of weeks what is really exciting! So stay tuned my friends!
Challenging Destiny was also featured in a Youtube video of Mel Rose (a.k.a my amazing roomie! (see above if you’ve skipped that part)) what was AWESOME and totally made my day when I found out!

Last but not least, I am heading on a well needed vacation, in a place where the sand is warm and the water a beautiful shade of blue. It will be the perfect way to start the summer season and to hopefully add a few chapters to the new book!

Oh, I almost forgot! I am now on Instagram! You can follow me here. (and just in case you are not following me yet, here for Twitter and here for Facebook!) I will try to get better at the whole social media sharing too (at least I will try!))

Voila people, that’s it for today!

Have an amazing long weekend! I know I will, I’m (almost) on my way to the beach!