A book has landed on the bookshelf : Challenging Destiny available in paperback!


There are some moments in life that touch you, mark you, moments you know you will remember. Receiving the first copy of my book was one of them.  As you know I love books, they always had a cherished space in my heart so having between my hands, my book, something I’ve written was quite an out-of-body experience. It was so weird and so great at the same time, it made the whole experience look real.
It made me think about the teenage version of myself, the girl who loved to spend time in bookshops reading book plots, looking at book covers, deciding what would be her next journey and I wondered what she would have thought. I looked at the book in my hand and I thought wow, you did it HK, you made a book, it is real, you have the proof between your hands. I am not trying to be cheesy here, I am just trying to show you how this moment was important to me, how opening the envelop from Createspace had the same taste as opening presents on Christmas morning.

So here it is, it took time but it is finally here, Challenging Destiny is available in print at the following links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And on all other Amazon European websites.

That will be all for today folks! Happy Monday!

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