2015 is finally here, let’s rock it!


Happy New Year! May 2015 be the year all your wishes are granted and all your dreams become true!

2014 was a very special year for me and it ended on a great note with the release of my first book, Challenging Destiny. It has been a little bit more than a week now and I am really grateful for all the support people showed me and the great first feedbacks I received.

I hope 2015 will be a year full of new achievements and challenges. I am really excited to start it since I have plenty of projects in mind and new stories to share with you.

Enjoy the new year my friends, it might surprise you!

Release Day : Bookshelf!

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 8.29.26 AM
I’ve made it, I am in front of the bookshelf and what is sitting on it warms my heart!
Challenging Destiny has finally been released and is now available on Amazon.
It was a long journey but every step was worth it! I can’t wait to have your insight and to hear your thoughts on my book. I really hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed putting it together!
Challenging Destiny will be available at other retailers soon!
So let’s celebrate folks, I’ve made it to the bookshelf!

Book Release Announcement!

I have waited a long time for this day to happen and that’s why I am very excited to share my big news with you today!

My first book, Challenging Destiny, will come out on December 23rd!

Here is the cover and the synopsis:

CD cover FINAL

Challenging Destiny – H. K. Abrahams – December 23rd
A woman, a man, two paths that meet.
A love story, some letters, an unsettling truth.
Will they be able to overcome what destiny will throw on their path?

So now let’s the countdown begin, I’m on my way to the bookshelf!


A thankful, thoughtful Thanksgiving…


On my way to the bookshelf, I made many stops. I started my journey in Madrid, where, turning in my bed on Valentine’s day eve, trying to fall into the arms of Morpheus, I got the idea, created the story that changed my life. I wrote the first sentence of my book near the sea and the first chapter in Paris. I typed “The end” in London and now I am in New York City, adding a final touch to my book, polishing it for my future readers.This book is not known yet, not even released, it has not travelled and met readers, has not shared its story, transmitted its message but it has already done a lot for me. Just writing it changed my life. It might seems weird but it really did. It has allowed me to realize one of my biggest dream : writing a story, becoming an author. It showed me and taught me that with enough passion and determination everything can be done: dreams can be touched and lives can be changed.Looking back to that sleepless night that gave me THE idea, I realize how much my life had changed since. Since that night two of my childhood dreams were granted : I finally wrote a book as I had wished since I wrote my first greeting card (I must have been 6) and I am finally living in the city that has been my favorite for as long as I can remember: NYC.

I wanted to share those few words with you today because lately and especially today I am grateful. I am grateful for this book, I am grateful to live in NYC, I am grateful to have a wonderful family that loves and supports me, I am grateful for my amazing friends that show me everyday how proud of me they are, I am grateful for the chance that was given to me and I am grateful that you are reading my words right now.

But today, I am also hopeful, hopeful that my lucky star won’t leave me soon, hopeful that my book will touch your hearts the same way it touched mine and hopeful than next Thanksgiving, I will not only have reached the bookshelf with this book but I will also be back on the way with one or several of the many other books that are already flourishing in my head.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Now go eat some turkey or pecan pie (my favorite!) but come back, I’m on my way to the bookshelf!

Who is she?


When I pick a book, I can’t help wondering what type of hero/heroine I am going to discover through the pages. I know we are not in a book and I am far from being a heroine but let’s say that while I am writing this blog and I am going through the process of publishing my book I will try to be. I will be the hero who tries to accomplish something and who goes through a lot of adventures in order to do it. I may have a big imagination but it is how I like to imagine my approach, a long quest to get my story and my characters out there, to the readers. So now that we have established that I am a kind of a “heroine” (I know you are probably rolling your eyes or laughing at me right now but hope and dreams, my friends, are what got a lot of great people where they are today!), let me tell you a few bits about myself. It is only fair to you, who are spending time reading my words, to know me better.

I am HK, a.k.a book lover, travel addict and chocolate junkie. To the point, I know, but it is quite a fitting description of myself if you ask around.

I love to read, always have and always will. I love to lose myself in a story, to go on a journey with the characters and to be part of a world, a time, a family or a group of friends for the length of a book.

I love to travel. I have lived in 4 countries, 6 cities since I left home when I was eighteen and I am still in my twenties. I just moved to New York City and I think that I have finally found the right place for me. I know that it is a bit early to be sure but my instinct is telling me I will be right about that one.

Voila, a few key facts about myself. Of course, I could have told you about a lot of different things but if all the details about the heroine’s life were given in the first pages of the book, I am not sure people would keep reading!

So stay tune because I am on my way to the bookshelf!

Where to start?

Where to start?

That’s a question a lot of authors ask themselves. Some start their story at the end, some in the middle, for my part, I will be less original and I will start from the beginning.

There is not a lot to say, just that one day I was struck by a story. I had been waiting a long time for that moment to happen and when it finally did, I knew it was it, there was no mistake. It was like love at first sight, it was right in front of me and I couldn’t let it go. The story was unwinding in my head and I had no other choice than to let it happen. It was the best thing I had experienced in my life, I was creating, giving birth to a story that was going to be carved in my heart forever.

I won’t lie it is a long process, having the idea is a great first step but it is just the first of many and many steps to come. It took me almost seven months to write the first line of the book but the moment I started writing I couldn’t stop. My imagination was on a free ride, my characters happy to be finally able to express themselves. The story had started and less than two months later, I was typing the famous “The End”.

I couldn’t believe it, I had done it, I had written the first draft of my first book… Wow! It was an accomplishment but I was only half way there… Now that I had written my book it couldn’t stay unread. What had started as a simple work on myself, a personal leisure, a true entertainment was becoming something else. Something had happened while I was writing this book: I had totally and utterly fallen in love with my characters, they had become a part of me and I couldn’t keep them just for myself, I had to show them to the world. They deserved to be known and I was going to employ myself and do my best to reach this goal.

That’s why I decided to self-publish my book, so people could meet my characters and story. This was my idea a few months back and it’s still what I am planning on doing today. I had to delay it a little but now I am back on track.

You are all probably wondering where I am today in my process? Well, I am waiting for my editor to finish reviewing the last edits I sent him.

Now that you know more, hop on, I am on my way to the bookshelf!